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After years of research Biolocation can demonstrate that all around us is an invisible world of energy, which is dynamic, interactive and highly structured. This energy is a lesser-known form of magnetism. Human beings have a sixth sense that can sense and respond to this energy. This sense works on the same principles as our other senses and is the underlying mechanism of dowsing. It is not a supernatural world but one that follows the natural laws of science. It is an amazing fascinating world and is real. Dowsing enables us to ´see ´ this invisible world and access the incredible information it can contain. The characteristics of the sense and the nature of this magnetism explains the dowsing phenomena and forms a basis on which it can be used accurately and reliably as a powerful analytical technique.


Most people can dowse. But what does this really mean? People can soon learn to get responses (their devices move). The responses are a reality for example in the case of L rods; you can see them move with your own eyes apparently by themselves. No hand or arm movements are detectable by the eye. For some it is a profound experience. Having learned to dowse, the dowser is then faced with a difficult task on how to further apply and develop these new dowsing skills. There is no standard methodology. Challenge and testing of the dowser˙s abilities yield disappointing results. Some days dowsing are difficult and sometimes impossible. Considerable conjecture and subjective information on the nature of dowsing prevails. Sometimes rod movements and the context they occur in cannot be consistently interpreted even when different dowsers dowse the same thing. Claims of mystical or spiritual interactions just cannot be studied objectively or substantiated by hard analysis. The fact responses are real makes these other reality questions ever popular and intriguing for both skeptics and proponents alike. The more determined and motivated find a pathway through this complexity arriving at their own perceptions of the phenomenon adding to and perpetuating its mystery.


In 1994 Geoff Crockford attended a dowsing course and found he was able to dowse.
He was interested in the possibility of using dowsing as a research technique into harmful radiation from mobile phones and computers.
Having learned to dowse Geoff applied his extensive scientific research experience to developing the technique. Fundamental to its successful use was a theoretical basis to provide a rational explanation for dowsing phenomena.
He found dowsing had no such basis. There were many explanations (and indeed still are) that were conjectural and subjective ranging from the supernatural to usual scientific suspects such as electrostatics and magnetism. None could substantiate the phenomena experimentally or support and substantiate any form of applied use of dowsing. 
The first goal of Geoff˙s research was to establish its theoretical basis.
Little credible scientific research had been done. Einstein had commented that it was his conviction dowsing was a reaction by the human nervous system to factors that were unknown. This is an often quoted in dowsing circles but whilst it is made by a brilliant scientist his comment was not based on any experimental research.
It is a reasonable assumption based on the fact that nervous mechanisms are behind body responses.
Some credible and useful work was carried out by a scientist called Harvalick (reference ´the divine HandĦ author Bird). He concluded from his experiments human beings were able to sense and respond to magnetic fields. His work was never taken up perhaps because dowsing experiments with magnetic fields were full of inconsistencies and sometimes created more doubt and confusion than clarity. Also it could not explain all dowsing phenomena. Any true theoretical basis and mechanism must do so.
In the light of this research it was logical for Geoff to start researching magnetism and repeat some of Harvaalick˙s experiments using magnets
Initial results indicated magnetism certainly appeared to play a factor in triggering responses.
During an experiment investigating different dowsing responses to the North and South poles of an iron magnet the dowsing responses suddenly stopped. Unbeknown to Geoff the magnet had fallen behind a section of wood. Upon noticing this he immediately became aware it had an important significance. He was able to show wood clearly blocked dowsing responses to the magnet. This observation happened upon by chance was followed up by some brilliant of scientific thinking and reasoning .The human body could not be responding to iron magnetism. Iron or ferromagnetism is not blocked by wood! Further experiments showed the dowsing responses returned after a few minutes. This demonstrated whatever the wood blocked it penetrated through after a few minutes.
This opened the door to further research and using other materials similar results were found. Dowsing responses could be obtained using any material and a clearly defined geometry around the material could be followed. The occurrence of dowsing responses and following them around toĦ seeĦ the geometry˙s pattern is a dowsing navigation technique. This technique is called dowsing form and is a vital skill in Biolocation. These patterns were characteristic of a magnetic field. Further research evidence now clearly pointed to lesser-known forms of magnetism, paramagnetism and diamagnetism. All matter is diamagnetic and some is paramagnetic. Definitions and examples of these types of magnetism are well represented in scientific literature and were known to Michael faraday (1791-1867). Dowsed energy lines are lines of responses at a point in a magnetic field where the dowser˙s response is triggered. (Note, it is easy to get conditioned into following straight lines and curves and getting confused and misled by overlapping lines so a certain competent level of dowsing skill is necessary).
Subsequent research showed that when certain areas of the body were shielded or covered the dowser was unable to respond and it became clear a biological sensory system was involved.
Further development paramagnetic and diamagnetic theory to explain dowsing formed its theoretical basis.
The human body senses and responds to two forms of magnetism, Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism but not to iron (Ferro) magnetism. It is a sixth sense that works on the same scientific principles as the other five senses. The fundamental process at work in the dowsing phenomena is a reflex response by the body at some point in a paramagnetic or diamagnetic field with a particular material as its source.
In the case of L-rods it can be clearly demonstrated dowsing responses i.e. rod movements are effected by muscular action and are the business end of a reflex pathway.
The sensory system is able to differentiate between the fields of different materials indicating that this magnetism is not a homogenous energy.
This can account for the dowsing phenomenon and forms a reliable basis for research into new areas of the phenomenon as they have come to light. The Theory has stood up to considerable challenges time after time, as it indeed is a complex phenomenon. The energy is complex the sensory system sophisticated and psychological factors also play their role. Indeed developing the theory and applying Biolocation techniques is now an exciting new form of analytical biotechnology with considerable scope for research and application.

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