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Geoff Crockford BSc Hons
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Geoff Crockford

Geoffrey Crockford˙s background is scientific research and postgraduate teaching.
Before attending London University he worked for the Atomic Energy Authority at Harwell .after graduating he joined the Medical Research Council and later in his University career moved to the Department of Occupational Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 1988 he became an independent science consultant with a worldwide clientele of major organisations and companies.

In 1994 whilst researching possible health implications of radiations from computers, video display units and mobile phones, Geoff investigated the phenomenon of dowsing as a useful research technique. After learning to dowse and working with some of the county˙s best dowsers his research quickly led to the realisation the responses experienced by dowsers were reflex actions in the body in response to paramagnetic and diamagnetic fields. This enabled Geoff to develop the Paramagnetic and Dimagnetic Theory Of  Biolocation as he now had a means of observing and testing  these fields directly. Over the last ten years the theory has been refined but its core concepts have stood the test of time producing consistent reliable results in experimental investigation. He is now engaged on full time research into Bio location

Nigel Hughes

Nigel Hughes, a University of London science graduate is now a fellow co- researcher. Following University Nigel worked in several scientific posts before entering a career in Civil Aviation as a pilot. He flew as a jet captain for KLM and was a commercial flight instructor and examiner. After completing his flying career he became a business consultant in Motivation and Self Development. He currently works in Educational Support specialising in behaviour management and science. It is his goal enter Geoff˙s research program full time.

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