Biolocation is a powerful and effective analytical methodology based on

a robust scientific model / paradigm of a human magnetic sensory system

and the rational and logical process of scientific enquiry. 


           - The energy sensed is diamagnetism and paramagnetism.

           - All matter has diamagnetic or paramagnetic fields or both.

           - This creates a complex magnetic environment all around us.

           - It contains enormous amounts of information.

           - The sensing of these fields triggers muscle reflexes.

           - These reflexes can be conditioned to work as magnetometers.

           - This enables magnetic fields to be located and identified.

           - Magnetic information is accessed by Biolocation.


Biolocation lends itself to a number of important applications and can be used independently or to lead and/or support other analytical methodology.

Its effective use has been underpinned by ongoing research and development for over 15 years.


Current research into Extraterrestrial Magnetism confirms

   the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in space   


A biolocation survey confirms Rendelsham Forest was a UFO landing site.


or download Biolocation Survey of Rendelsham Forest UFO Site


* Most people can develop their magnetic sense and become a biolocator.*

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                Two books have been published based on its experimental scientific evidence

Secret of the Stones - image

The Secret of the Stones: The Gate to a Lost World

(ISBN 978-0-9562921-0-0)

Now available from

This book is the first major archaeological text to usher in the age of the use of site forensics and crime scene investigation techniques in archaeology. It is also the first text to show how powerful Biolocation is at finding forensic remains of the past in the ground in a non destructive way which must become a major part of archaeological investigations.

Few people cannot have been moved when visiting Britain's prehistoric stone circles and monuments. Some even attribute mysterious energies and powers to the stones and their sites.

Despite the centuries of archaeological and philosophical enquiries and the many theories these stones have generated, the key to their secrets has never been found. They have stood across the countryside enigmatically through time like a script saying 'read me' if you can.

The book is a scientific adventure to discover their secret that lasted several years. The reader is taken step by step through the development and application of biolocation's techniques using the human magnetic sense as an analytical tool and the discoveries that result.

Conventional archaeological interpretations first guide the research but it is soon realised biolocation's findings do not fit in with them. Early on it becomes clear the historically elusive and mysterious Druids are behind the standing stone culture in Britain. They are traced from the Iron Age back to the Stone Age putting into question whether the Celts really did arrive in the British Isles. A new paradigm of the past unfolds as a picture of what the druids were really like emerges.

Forensic evidence is presented for the existence of a great druidic civilization right across the British Isles. It is shown how they built the stone circles using a lost technology called energy engineering requiring skilful detection of the magnetic fields associated with stones as well as an understanding of how the fields behave. This engineering creates complex magnetic patterns around the stones when they are positioned with precise magnetic alignments.The first modern stone circle built in this way is described. But this was only part of the secret.

It also becomes clear stone circles did not stand isolated in the countryside as they appear to do today. The circles become linked with other stone monuments, hill forts, dykes and ancient earthworks which are all remnants of this ancient civilisation.

A major breakthrough was discovering was that activities in the past laid down detailed chemical 'footprints' or stains that persist over thousands of years.These produce magnetic fields that yield detailed information about the history of the stains. Not only could the postholes and walls of their temples and buildings be located and marked out on the ground like a blueprint, their engineering prowess was also chemically imprinted. For example complex track stains were found running right up to the Sarsen stones of Stonehenge that could only have come from iron tyred giant vehicles that transported them. Also the land around the bases of the Sarsen stones still bears chemical prints from the cranes that lifted them.

Logically it is stated with the use of iron involved in transporting and erecting the stones, the Stonehenge we see today was in fact built in the late Iron Age and not in the Stone or Bronze Age. Other forensic evidence is looked for and found confirming Stonehenge was in use as a religious centre in the centre of a druidic city at the time the Romans arrived in Britain.

The discovery of 'spirit painted' icons on the ground painted with pigments and actual chemicals from what the icon is representing gives further insights into a 'Henge Civilisation' showing its people had a highly developed magnetic sense and deep knowledge of this magnetic world. How they used this sense had to be determined in order to understand its culture.

By using magnetically active chemicals in paint to place a 'spirit' in many aspects of their lives a comprehensive magnetic memory of their culture was set up. A way of reading this memory develops in ernest when it is realised on visits to known archaeologically excavated sites the stains are fragile and easily destroyed by digging.

A sudden end to the Henge Civilisation is witnessed by other magnetic fields originating out of the ground. It was a victim of a Roman genocide which swept across Britain soon after they landed. Stonehenge was no exception.

Around Stonehenge magnetic fields are found eminating out of the ground from blood still present in the soil spilled by a ferocious Roman attack on the henge and a desperate defence by its occupants. Bloody lines of multiple executions show what followed the roman victory which included women and children. A search across the country finds similar patterns telling the story of the genocide.

Despite the ruthless destruction of the druids and their civlisation their magnetic based culture had laid the foundations for one of the world's great religions elements of which survive to the present day underpinning its religious ceremony and rituals. Their invisible temples are still here today as are the magnetic memories of the ceremonies and rituals that took place in them and they are compared directly with those being practiced today.

The knowledge of the sense and how to use it however did not survive. The genocide shut and locked the gate to an invisible world leaving Britain a legacy of ancient standing stones. As what was left of the wood that built their magnificent temples and buildings, roofed earthworks and ceremonial pathways dissolved away either by clearing, burning or rotting eventually only the stones remained. And of these only some were destined to survive the ravages of time and architectural salvage and become the archaeological enigmas of the modern day .

In this scientific adventure many valuable lessons are learnt about the way we think and how by really understanding the past we understand our present and future.

The Secret of the Stones is an invitation to open the gate on a lost world, walk in and learn together.


Although the science of biolocation and the human magnetic sense is at the core of this work it is only described when it is necessary and relevant to the story. This science is published in a separate book 'The Phoenix Point'.

      Copyright 2007 N. Hughes & G. Crockford   

Phoenix Point

The Phoenix Point:

The Quest for the Science of the Paranormal

(ISBN 978-0-9562921-1-7)

Now available from

One aspect of the paranormal has at last yielded to a scientific theory linking it to mainstream science. Straightforward experiments can demonstrate that humans have a sixth, magnetic sense.

We live our lives immersed in an invisible sea of magnetic energy that originates not only from the matter of the earth but also from the Stars, Planets and their moons. It is literally a 'sea' of information which can now be accessed by Biolocation and The Human Magnetic Sense.

The sense is finely attuned to a point in an electromagnetic wave where as it travels its energy field appears to die and regenerate like the mythical Phoenix bird.

Linking the sense with this 'Phoenix Point' has resulted in major discoveries. One such discovery was that like light rays magnetic fields from stars,planets and moons reach the surface of earth. It is straightforward to locate and identify these magnetic fields. It is clear there are fields reaching the earth that originate from living matter out amongst the stars, planets and their moons. It opens up a whole new area for analysing what's in space.

So why has the emerging modern world been ignorant of the existence of a magnetic sense when many have been looking for it? The book looks to the people of pre roman whose culture was based on a deep understanding of it. With the knowledge of the sense abruptly lost due to a Roman genocide over the ensuing millennia subsequent ignorance of the role the sense plays in human biology banished any awareness of it to the world of the paranormal.

Overlooking the human magnetic sense for so long must be a wake up call for the effectiveness of modern scientific thinking.

So called prehistoric stone monuments built at the time were in fact magnetic energy machines and some for example the trillithon horseshoe at Stonehenge and 'The Cove' at Avebury are still working today.

In more recent times reports of electronic equipment causing ill health are increasing and conventional scientific paradigms have been unable to link the two. The scientific paradigm underlying the human magnetic sense clearly shows that advances in Information and Communication Technology are flooding our environment with complex, magnetic fields that may be toxic to our nervous system and be the root cause of the detrimental sometimes debilitating symptoms of electro sensitivity.

The paradigm questions whether research into electronic health concerns is looking at the wrong causes of a potentially very serious, large scale illness.














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